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Success stories

"Through my work in purchasing I can contribute to the high quality of our products. I like that!"

As part of her school education, Thanh completed a two-week internship with us. When she subsequently began her studies as a real estate manager, she continued to support us as a working student in many departments, mainly in Customer Service. Meanwhile she is working in purchasing, where she is responsible for the procurement of raw materials, planning and supplier support.

"I love the challenge to take over new jobs and to learn new things every day"

Katrin started her work for AppliChem in 2006 for the Quality Department.
After 10 years she successfully moved to Compliance Department and took over the health, safety and environmental tasks as Compliance and HSE Manager.

"Being part of the team means to cope daily tasks by working together“

Brandon joined PanReac AppliChem as a trainee. During this time, he worked in almost all departments and mastered many new challenges in various areas.
When he recognized his affinity for sales, we gladly supported him. After the completion of his apprenticeship, he became an important member of our customer service team.