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Histofix®-Safe: New biopsy fixation device for Clinical Diagnosis 17/04/2023

ITW Reagents launches the new generation device for the safe and convenient handling of biopsies by healthcare professionals: Histofix®-Safe.

Histofix®-Safe is a closed-loop safety device, specially designed and patented by ITW Reagents for the fixation and shipment of small histological specimens, which prevents users from exposure to carcinogenic formaldehyde solution.

But there is more, Histofix®-Safe provides unique advantages compared to similar devices due to its exclusive bi-directional valve situated under the grid.

You can transfer formaldehyde from one container to another without the risk of losing the sample. Due to the bidirectional valve, the formaldehyde does not flow until manual pressure is applied.

The grid also makes it possible to comfortably deposit even sticky samples and also to retrieve them without having to fish them out of the formalin.

Histofix®-Safe – Your comfortable and safe state-of-the-art device designed for your biopsies.

Find here detailed information about this new product.

Note: Product in process for CE and IVD marking

Do you want to know how it works? Watch our video here: