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All ITW Companies are working together to drive progress for our people, our communities and the environment.

ITW’s sustainability strategy is built around four key elements: Our Governance & Ethics, Our People, Our Communities, Our Environment. As part of our vision to be one of the world’s best performing, highest quality and most-respected industrial companies, we will continue to support our communities and our employees to make a difference in the world around us.

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At the ITW Reagents division, we are highly committed to protecting the environment and preserving surroundings. Consequently, we follow a strict environmental responsibility policy, and meet all legal requirements ensuring minimal impact from our activities on the environment.
Based on the ITW Group behaviour principles, we constantly control the whole lifecycle of our products and the legal compliance by our providers. We ensure monitoring thereof through regular audits and the certification of Environmental Standard ISO 14001:2004.
Many of our products are hazardous for health and the environment and the risks arising from their handling must be known. Appropriate work methods should be adopted, paying particular care to safety pictograms and detailed information in the safety data sheets on areas such as waste management, first aid and physical and chemical data, which is of great help when handling the products.
The hazardous substances waste and packaging that contained this are classified as special waste and should be delivered to an authorised waste manager. Particular attention should be given so these products do not reach the sewage network and in the event of accidental disposal, fire or uncontrolled gas emissions, must be notified immediately to the competent authority to minimise the impact on the environment.
We offer advice to customers who have problems or doubts on the handling of production waste or that need information about how to act in the event of an emergency.


We are concerned about the wellbeing of our workers and are committed to the continuous improvement in the workplace. Therefore, at the ITW Reagents division, we have a strict occupational risk prevention and industrial safety policy, and we comply with all legal requirements. Based on the ITW Group behaviour principles, we constantly work on eliminating risk situations to achieve and maintain a zero accident rate, and to maintain and improve the highest security standards implemented. We ensure compliance of all this through our own Occupational Risk Prevention Service, regular audits and the certification of the ISO 45001:2018 for health and safety (OH&S) management. We offer advice to customers who have doubts about how to handle the products they sell.

Social Investments

ITW Reagents lays great emphasis on a responsible relationship with social and educational institutions in the region. In close cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce we always aim to reintegrate individuals from all kinds of social backgrounds into work-life. Social commitment has always been practised by ITW and is defined in the Corporate Guidelines.